Setting up a WP site for Monetization

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    Dec 27, 2010
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    I have been reading BHW for some time now and I realized that the reason I dont move ahead is because I am having trouble setting up a site. More importantly setting up to bring in some money. Now I am not asking to be given ways to make money at all, I want to learn the hard way.

    I have figured out how to do somewhat decent KW research over the months, being able to find EMD with a minimum of 1500 exact monthly searches ( not much I know).

    The problem I have is setting up a WP site correctly. I want to set up a quality site, I am always telling myself "would I want to look through this site?". I will be using CPA offers. What is a good WP theme to use? I think that once I setup a WP site correctly with on-site SEO, I can then move onto bringing in traffic and finally, monetizing...which is everyone's goal!

    I have created a site, using the socrates theme. It looks too boring though and i know it needs a lot to be fixed! If someone could review my site I would greatly appreciate it! PM me.