setting up a web site / fan club - need advice please

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    Im being asked about setting up a web site / fan club / go to place for info - for a particular popular DJ in the electronic music scene.

    What i wanted to know or get feedback on is

    Can the web site, lets call it for example worldsbestdj-dot-com

    1.Copy and paste articles from other web sites (with a credit & link back)

    2.Post official pictures & press , (the same that the label / agency send to the popular blogs)

    3.Generally grab anything interesting that can be found which is relevant to the dj & post it.

    4.The usual posting of existing videos (hosted at youtube - vimeo , etc)

    5.Earn from adverts with out having an issue from the artist.

    Also If there are any other things to be aware of, pitfalls or tips , please share your knowledge.