Setting up a virtual call center for inbound/outbound calls with virtual assistant

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a real estate professional and I have a strategy that is working with receiving texts and phone calls to a number with interested buyer real estate leads. However, I've now been overwhelmed with the amount of leads - it's left me no choice but to delegate and scale this shit.

    So I've hired a persona assistant overseas who I've trained and will be taking my inbound/outbound calls etc, but now I'm having problems finding a provider that will allow my assistant to receive US and make US calls. I've looked into Icall, and voxxvox but they aren't what we are looking for.

    Any suggestions on setting up a system that allows us customers to call a US phone number and it be directed to my assistant overseas? If they could also text that US number even better.

    Thanks everyone!

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    You can buy cheap US phone numbers online and forward all calls to your assistant, make sure you buy one that support forwarding, then when your customers calls that number they will be forwarded to your overseas assistant.
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    Pm sent. I can set up a virtual call center, with full phone menu system and with a toll free number or any US number and direct the calls anywhere in the world. Let me know and we can set up a working demo