Setting op a non-virtual business that offers SEO B2B

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    Hi there BlackHatworld,

    first of all I want to thank the forum for all the lessons I have learned. They were true eye-openers and gave me an extra drive to work hard online as well as offline.

    I am not sure if I posted this in the right section, so please move to the right section if I didn't.

    I just came up with an idea that I believe has potential and I wish to share it with you guys as well as ask for your advice.

    Here we go.

    My mom is a manager at a firm which offers facility services. She recently told me that they had to pay a company about ? 5000 to get their website to the top of the SE and a recurring monthly fee of quite a big amount (can't remember the amount exactly) to maintain it there. In my eyes, that is quite expensive. So this is where my idea comes in.

    Obviously all the big companys want to have their site on the first rank of the SE, but they lack the expertise to do it theirselves. So they call in a specialed company to do it for them. Because they have little knowledge of the work involved in SEO the SEO-offering company charges the demanding-company whatever is reasonable.

    Here's where my idea popped in. What if I founded a venture and offered SEO to businesses at a very competive price ? I just outsource the SEO-work to a country with low wages such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ... .

    Basically I'm just the middleman who receives most of the added value.

    Assuming that SEO prices are as noted above 5000 ? starting fee + recurring motnhly fee of approximately 300 ?, and I offer the same service at a price of approximately 20% lower. Would this business model be lucrative ?

    In other words.
    • What would it cost me to outsource SEO ?
    • What are most offline SEO companys asking for their services ?

    Any thoughts, remarks, critique on this business model would be much appreciated.