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    I've been reading BHW for a couple of weeks and I've come to my first real opportunity in internet marketing. However, after talking to my new client (read: family member) while drinking profusely, we got to talking about service vs. sales and so I finally get to post some meaningful content on the forums :)

    The story: He is primarily in the service market and currently uses google adwords to get a good portion of his business but by nature, service is local (at least for this business) and has a business cap for a single person operation based on the amount of hours he is willing to work. However, if he got contacted for sales of equipment, he could sell both full units ($$$) as well as replacement parts for these products (also $$$) and with the magic that is the internet, he could sell things world wide (tho most likely only within the US).

    So here's my question: what do the guru's here advise to start with? Grow the service business which is ultimately limited by his time to work on jobs unless he expands and starts hiring people to help him, or focus on sales where obviously the big money is; but likely the big budget IM competitors exist here as well. Alternatively, is there a way to do both successfully? I see it as: if he can build his service rep and advertises to these people that he also sells equipment, he builds long term leads. Conversely, if he sells equipment, he can offer service contracts and what not that is guaranteed income for years and I think this is the ideal scenario.


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