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    I have been running into server over use issues a lot with my host. Which is inmotion.

    I have got a VPS. 256 RAM, but that isn't the issue. They have told me I am using too many CPU cycles. So my wordpress AB's are running the CPU too hard, and I am looking for ways to reduce that.

    I am using the twisted AB method posted about here, with a few mods of my own.

    The plug-ins I run mainly are: Wp-Robot, advertising management, all in one seo, cbnet ping optimizer, Duplicate posts eraser, follow me, login-logout, open in new window, a social boommark plug-in Tweet-this, sexy BM, or similar, WP prosperent, yet another related posts plug-in.

    I added some new ones today to try and get my resources down as much as possible. Post teaser and DB-Optimize.

    I was using wp-super-cache, but am trying a combo of hypercache and db-cache-reloaded on some of the sites.

    I notice that the sites load a lot faster with that combo, but that does not necessarily mean that it is being more server friendly. Everyone seems to have a fav caching plug-in so I would love to know if those here have a definitive leader in that regard.

    I also turned off some of the auto-functions like alerting websites about links, trackbacks, emailing about comments, and other auto-functions I don't really pay attention to anyway.

    I currently run 9 blogs on that account, only 5 are auto-blogs and my traffic across the whole thing is less than 5000 a day or not very far over if it is.

    From what I have read on here and else where I get the feeling that using a VPS account I should be able to run quite a few wordpress AB without causing so much server strain, especially since I don't get huge traffic yet.

    So I was hoping some of you much more experienced AB'ers could throw me a bone on what you think I have been doing wrong, and what I should do about it because those "Account Suspended" emails from my host are going to give me a bloody heart attack.

    I don't expect a full walkthrough, but a general idea of how many blogs you would be able to run on an account like I have, and what you think lets you do so would be appreciated.

    Much thanks to everyone that takes some time to help me out.