SERPs and page rank, help me

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    I am a newbie in IM and I am unable to figure out what is page rank is it the page no of website for a particular keyword in google or something else.....

    Can any body give me a brief definition or a link where I can understand all about serps and page rank also what I see that it started with 0 and goes to 10
    Which one is higher 1 or 10, because when I search google I got 10 result on first page.

    Is there any difference in Page no and page rank....

    help needed searched whole forum can't figure out....
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    Page rank is the reputation meter, it measures how important your site to the web. SERP is Search engine result pages, when you type a keyword for example "real estate lawyer" it display results up to 10 pages, each pages has 10 websites that is relevant to your search. If your website is new then your page rank is n/a or 0 because you don't have enough traffic or popularity on search engines that's why you need to do SEO to increase web visibility primarily on search engines.
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