Serious opportunity for an experienced autoblogger

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    I'm looking for someone who has a decent amount of experience as an autoblogger (I'd need to see some sample work), you don't need to be a coder as well (since I am) but if you aren't then you should have that much more real-world experience and samples to show.

    I have the following tools necessary for the automation installed, tested and operation:

    Dedicated Server with WHM/Cpanel
    Mass Automation Tools

    I have my own way to monitize the blogs (besides adsense) ... and needless to say, it's a LOT more profitable.

    I'm new to autoblogging, but have over 10 years experience with PHP, custom tool development and automation. So this isn't a hand-holding exercise. I'm looking to "divide and conqure" by working with someone that has experience with the DETAILS of SEO and autoblogging to speed up my timeline and help me avoid newbie pitfalls, google "gotchas" etc. It's sort of pointless to launch 100 "broken" autoblogs. I'm looking for a tutor with a graduate degree from the school of "hard knocks". I'm a very competent tech and have a lot of tools and resources at my disposal that I'm also willing to share to the right person.

    I'm also willing to entertain flat rate pricing, rev split, hourly billing. (Paypal)
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    I'm looking for a tutor with a graduate degree from the school of "hard knocks"
    you can learn via this forum
    if you want to succes
    heres my honest tips.

    find niche create autoblog with good keyword setup and make design good
    after that blast with xrumer .....
    finish point is flippa
    thats it .

    but is kinda expensive with xrumer things
    you can sell if the experiment good 300-500$/autoblog

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    if u are coder why u want to learn auto blog creation not very hard buy CC and Auto blogged plugin , research niche , set parmalinks , all in one seo software (free) , install any bookmark plugin , if u want gallary tons of free plugins available , wordpress is pretty much can be tweaked as much u like if u need any further help feel free to pm me !! :)