Serious Onpage Issues! Need your advice

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    Hi Guys,

    After latest Google Updates I had a serious issue. I am trying to build legitimate business but I had on page issue. The website is built using MySQL & PHP. It's not Wordpress or any other CMS.

    Now, my website is global and it generates each page (except the main pages (about us, register, info contact blah blah) that are manually done and written) using php script. The pages (that are generated automatically with the script) are based on different factors such as Country/State(if available)/City and since there are A LOT of a countries,states & cities the websites has over 2 million pages, might be over 3 million (I truly dont know how many are they).

    Now the issues about the on page : How the heck am I supposed to create enough content about each page without it being duplicate ?!

    Currently, If the website is about topic XYZ it generates content based on it and the country/state/city so the content looks something like this:

    "Are you looking for XYZ service in (here generates the country/state/city based on the URL) Tampa, Florida? Use the search in the left to find the best XYZ service. Blah blah blah" ...

    That's pretty much it. And according to a lot of sources not having unique content on each page causes penalty (well, thats not exactly new)

    How the heck should I fix that?

    Do you think that I can create a spin text with PHP and it just randomly choose the words on each page? But still they are a lot and it's matematically impossible to make the text on each page unique.

    Any advices?