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Sep 16, 2011
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Newb question here:

I am building a private network. How do I ensure that I get separate C class IPs?

My hosting company is Dream Host. Is this a stupid company to be using for a network or is it like hiding in a crowd?
Sign up at different hosts.
Up to 10 sites per IP as long as they're in different niches/areas and aren't interconnected in any way. If you're building them as a network to pass back links to your sites, then as few as possible per IP (depends what you can afford).

I build networks of 250 sites and place them over 50 different C classes and at least 3-5 different A classes.

There are plenty of dedicated SEO hosts but most of them aren't great. They often over subscribe their shared SEO packages to cover their increased IP costs.

I use indianets and can recommend their 5 site per IP package.
Using multiple hosting companies will be pain in the A$$ , Google " C Class hosting " . You will be able to host 1 website on c ip for 1 $ as most of the networks owners do .
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I can recommend, their support sucks balls but once you've got everything set up their uptime and speed i sthe best I've had with seo hosts.

Do not under any circumstances go with :

They are bad, very bad news
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