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    Nov 10, 2011
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    I did an extensive Google Search because I wanted a FREE alternative to SEOPressor. SEOPressor is a great plugin to use on any site (autoblog, micro niche site, etc...) but is a little too darn expensive (99$ or so) to just underline and italicize keywords...

    So, I found this one (I am not in anyway/shape/form affiliated with these guys... I just found this to be useful to me, and perhaps someone else on this forum... Even if I help 1 person, that is a thumbs up in my book for posting this! :D)

    You can find it by Googling BloggerHigh! (I cant post links I am too new)

    I believe this thing can be used pretty darn nicely for AutoBlogger's out there! EnJoY!
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