Seo Tips For High-Quality Content Posting

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    Use your website not only to present themselves to themselves. Show your reader / prospect / customer how he can solve his problems. Offer him instructions and information to give him tips to make yourself and your site to the active problem solvers.

    * See your site as a professional medium, not as clickable brochure.
    * Provide valuable content. This will motivate others to link to your offer of information.
    * Write high quality articles on your site or your key words. And you try to publish these articles on other sites.
    * Do you operate a forum where you have like-minded people the opportunity to talk to your key issue.
    * Start your own weblog, where you report in regularly on your work and news from your industry.
    * Open your own information portal. Do you sell on your site aquarium fish? Then you run a great information portal on aquarium fish. And offer any information on this site, which may be a fish fan could wish for. And do not forget to link to yourself!
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    this also apply for "review" type website?