SEO & Social Media .. your first client?

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    who was your first local client?

    I'm working on 2 other things as well.. twitter thing (for quicker cash) ..and SEO for a niche site (not really a micro-niche though but I have a really good .com for it.. and the product is pretty big at the moment)

    but i've always kinda been interested in starting up something local.. obviously there's less competition for local SEO.. you aren't going to have all the internet people over saturating local markets. i've searched online and haven't found anyone locally that offers this.. or at least if they do they aren't ranked anywhere to be found.

    but my question is this.. who did you try to target out for your very first client?

    (obviously not going to any chains)

    a restaurant? vintage clothing store? what?

    opiate addiction is a pretty big thing here.. and about a year ago I started a website for one of them. It was just a basic information site. with group times, and a little info.. with their address, and phone number.

    at that time I didn't know anything about SEO (I'm still pretty new.. but have been reading a lot.. and have someone willing to spoonfeed me from the get go for a couple hundo's so I'll be able to take everything I learn and use it in the future for other websites) but anyways.. all I did was an info site and charged them 40bucks a month on a shared hosting plan. kinda outrageous.. but whatever. they kept it for about 5 months and then got rid of it.. they ended up having a bunch of problems and almost went under and shut down. but they're doing better now. probably not enough for me to try and gain them as my first client though.

    there are a few other places like this here.. but i'd rather save them for later when they are doing better.. as I don't want to make their competition higher.

    i'm trying to decide whether I should try a restaurant, a vintage clothes store, or something different that i'm just overlooking or overthinking.