SEO silo architecture - Have I got this right?

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    Hi all,

    So I'm trying to understand siloing to organise a website of mine and wondered if you could confirm whether or not I have this right.

    Let's say my primary keywords are "the best virus treatments" and have the exact match domain (almost).

    Would this structure be correct:

    • Home page: "The best virus treatments"
      • Silo "virus treatments"
        • Product review
        • Product review
        • ...
      • Silo "home remedies for virus treatment"
        • Home remedy one
        • Home remedy two
        • ...
      • Silo "virus treatment tips"
        • treatment tip one
        • treatment tip two
        • ...

    Home page would be a comparison of the best virus treatments, linking to the product reviews (top 5 for example)
    Silo "Virus treatments" would be a category, listing product reviews and the basics of treatment (prevention and cure)
    Silo "home remedies for virus treatments" would be a category with home remedy reviews, linking to silo "virus treatments"
    Silo "virus treatment tips" would be a category, listing different tips

    Each silo would link directly to the home page for "the best virus treatments".
    Each child page of the silo would link directly to the Silo page, possibly each other also.

    Other questions:
    • Is it OK to include keywords from the home page in silo keywords... as I have?

    Your comments would be very much appreciated.