SEO related Qs from a newbie..

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by jsmith00075, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    First of all I would like to thank you for looking in my thread and for helping me out. Also, before I start, I'd also like to let you know that I am not a native English speaker so bare with me..

    I will talk with an example so I can fully (me and the rest new guys/girls) understand how this works. Plus it is 100% Newbie point of view..

    So, we are trying to promote (in this example) a teeth whitening kit CPA offer. We are starting with 2 sites (in order to cover every option) 1 will be the main site that promotes the offer (maybe just the landing page, so basically just an image promo) and the other site will be a review site for our original site or at least the site that will link to our main offer website.

    So I am starting with a few of my questions now:

    1. Should we choose are domains based on our keywords?

    2. How can we find out secondary etc keywords? Any good programs/sites/tools we can use for that? I mean I know my main keywords are "teeth whitening" but I guess we need more right?

    3. Now that we found our keywords (does it matter how many they are?) what kind of content should we put in our #2 website? Write or hire someone to write articles based on those keywords or something else like submit those articles (or different ones) to article directories etc and link back to our website?

    4. How should we set up the website? Single page one or multiple pages (like how many pages and what is a must like Terms of Service page (just saying..)) and how should each page looks like and what should it have?

    5. Now that I think we covered all the basic Qs regarding the content (If I am forgetting something please let me know!) we will start with the promotion/SEO. Both are new domains (I guess we are only going to work with #2), should we start link building right away (1st-3rd day since registration) etc or will there be any problems like g sanbox us etc?

    6. So from when should we start working on our domains and what kind of work should we do. I mean do we buy for example a pack of 20k backlinks PR0-7 or blog commenting, bookmarks, etc or a mix of that? Also how can we be sure that we got what we paid for? What do we have to check out for?

    7. If we do backlinks is it a good idea to ping them back with a software? I heard there is a faster + better result if you do so.

    8. How fast should we expect to see results and how can we check out the results (like is there a program to lets us know for which keywords we rank and where so we can check that weekly or daily or something)?

    9. How often do we need to add new content and maybe more backlinks again? Should we use the same service (aka possible same links) or new service with possibly different links?

    Ok these are the Qs that came to my mind right now, hopefully won't have more of them any time soon now..

    Thank you!