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Nov 8, 2009
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If I copy content from other pages it is duplicate content but what if I copy a whole html project (all pages, all content, all pictures, etc.), upload it on my webspace and feed it with a lot more backlinks than the original project has?

My project would rank better than the original one, right?

since the source existed prior to your copy, you will get penalized by search engines.
try using some of the rewriting services offered in the forum.
If you do a search on here there was a link to an article from, I think, Matt Cutts from the big "G" stating there is no such penalty as such for duplicate content. However as has been replied above it would be better to spin the article, either manually or using a re-writing service. HTH
If he puts it on a domain that's older than the original Google did suppress the original site as "duplicate" from the index.

At least that happened some time ago, I don't know if they fixed that. They were aware of it as far as I remember.

It's stupid, that's a guarantee for troubles and depending on the owner legal issues. Imagine you manage to take down a big online shop, they'd try to make you pay for their losses if they can get a grip on you.
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