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    Long story short - I bought a few high PR / high DA links from a couple of sellers here. One of those links is is on a PR8 DA 90+ authority news site. The article is well written, long BUT the topic of the article is completely different than what my keyword is about.
    For example lets say my KW is "payday loads" ( it's not) and the article is about the earthquake in Nepal - it's not the actual topic but to give you an idea how far off it is. The article goes into details about the earthquake, the devastation, lives lost , the humanitarian efforts etc - all very well written, and links out to a bunch of other authority sites which are relevant to the article but not to my keyword . Naturally my KW is not in the title or anywhere else except that one sentence which sounds complete not in place and off topic from the whole idea and message of the article. It literally makes no sense to be there.

    So what do you guys think about this link ? Will it :

    Option #1 - help my site since its a great article on a high authority site surrounded by high authority links, or
    Option #2 - hurt my site since it's completely off topic and not even remotely relevant to my KW
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    1 Link should not hurt your site but yes it will be less powerful since the article is not relevant to your link.
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