SEO question regarding word play with domains


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Jul 31, 2010
Wondering if there is any negative impact of creating a domain name using the country registry as the end of the domain.

For example I want to use this:

x obscures my keyword I am not looking to make an extreme porno site =)

If all other things are standard, such as backlinks and proper keyword tagging on each page of the domain, will this affect the search ranking for english speaking countries? I intend this as an ecommerce site for worldwide sales.
If it was me, I would not use a .de TLD for a site targeting English speaking users. The Big G places so much emphasis on domain names you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to get ranking in the US and UK, even with English content.

It's the same reason why, say, Deutsche Welle does not come up in the first 1000 results when I do a search for "news". It's a great news site with content in English, but G thinks that it is only for people in Germany.
don`t use .de for a worldwide site,try some international domains: .net .com .org .info there are a lot to chose.
All good points. Remember using .tv doesn't seem to effect people outside of Tuvalu. Maybe it's an exception to the rule...
Yes I would not use it for improving ranking. It was more for creating an impression for the customer by using the domain as a catchphrase. Anyways, I will move on. Thanks for your feedback guys!
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