SEO Q&A On Youtube - Lets Get Schwifty

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Sv1z3c, May 10, 2017.

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    Nov 3, 2013
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    Sup Everybodeh?

    I'm having some spare time on my schedule and since I've been on this forum for many many years and learned a lot etc. I've seen a lot of people are asking them same SEO questions or something like that, I was thinking I could do some sort of Q&A with me in the videos answering questions you post here in the thread.

    I was thinking of answering 5-10 questions, daily-weekly will have to see how many minutes will 1 video have.

    Why would I do this? Well, I wanna test my new camera XD, and I want to try to get rid of that "fear" of "public speaking", practice my language and help you guys out, maybe even get some potential clients(muahahaha).

    What do you guys think? Would it help you out? Should I start doing it? Also, maybe I will answer some questions and you won't agree with me and I would love to discuss those, not just argue or get into a fight who is right and who is wrong etc.


    Peace out, Sv1z3c
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    Aug 14, 2016
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    Sup yeah I have some questions:
    1. What are the most important factors in youtube SEO?
    2. When to add views, likes, shares, backlinks etc. - just before video is published, just after its published or it doesn't make a difference?
    3. Are there other 'secret' factors to youtube SEO, than: buying views, likes, adding comments, shares, social bookmarks, social signals, backlinks?
    4. Could you rank video on the page 1st for $30 total spending on things mentioned in point 3. ?

    PS. If you could teach me how exactly rank a video to the 1st page, when doing it step by step with me (first I will want you to rank a video for me to see if you are capable of doing that) then I will even pay you for that ;)

    Looking forward to your reply!