SEO practices you can do while your site is being built?

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    I have just purchased hosting for my new Ecommerce project. At the moment the site is sat being built with wordpress and has a plugin that gives users a "site coming soon" message. In the meantime while im building the site (will take around 3 weeks to build, I have to modify a theme I bought from themeforest) what can I do to benefit the SEO? I was thinking listing in directories, etc but what I want to focus on is getting the DA & PA as high as possible by the time of the sites release.

    Can someone help?

    Thanks all .:cheerlead:cheerlead:cheerlead:cheerlead:cheerlead
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    Go reach out to sites in your niche and pay them to give you backlinks. Get some good backlinks going to your homepage immediately. That'll help a lot down the road.
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    For me i would go build accounts on some of the top DA platforms (below) and let them age before you link out.
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    You should make some web 2.0s and just put up a welcome and contact page and let it index and age. You should also start making the social media accounts of site if your planning on that.
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    In my opinion, you should finish your site before you get to the next step.
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    I think I would want to get some content up before building too many links.

    get all the social accounts up and running though definitely.
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    Honestly, as someone who is in a similar situation at the moment, I would focus your energy on getting your website finished with a proper on-page strategy.

    You could register some web 2.0s and leave them blank for later when you have more time, but your priority should be to get your website up and running. Without a decent website, you won't make money regardless of your serp position. Focus on the aspect of your business that you require the most.
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    It isn't just SEO... more online retail set up

    1. Write the about page to emphasize why your store is the best place to buy your products. (You need this for your social pages too.)
    2. Start capturing your newsletter list with a promotion. "Register today and receive a coupon for FREE SHIPPING and 20% off your first order when the store opens." or something like that.
    3. Set up your social sites... get them configured and linked. Promote your coming soon promotion until the store opens up.
    4. Start acquiring targeted fans if you have an ad spend
    5. Create a content calendar and start planning your first 6 months of content and promotion.
    6. If you have your product sourced calculate landed cost and figure out how much you can spend to acquire a customer and still make money.
    7. Start finding the actual keywords people use to shop for the product you plan to offer. Rate them from 1 to 10 where a ten means everybody uses this keyword to buy this exact product and a one means its a real longshot
    8. Map each keyword to its best product or category for targeting conversion.
    9. Decide on your URL structure for each page type knowing you will commit to it and never change.
    10. Create recipes for your types of content. A product page has these elements... A category product token has these elements... A gift guide has these sections and these common parts...
    11. Make awesome product photos, model videos, product rotation videos,... images both convert and drive viral.
    12. Make and test your HTML email templates... Verify Registration, Thank For your Order, Newsletter Specials,Unsubscribe Messaging, Customer Service Templates.
    13. Plan your email marketing calendar.
    14. Make some product review videos on youtube.
    15. Convert your about us content into a nice video from you and put it on you tube and embed it on the about page since most people don't like to read.
    16. Make a nice video for your shipping and return policies too.
    17. Make a funny unsubscribe video like GroupOn did where you can see the email guy get a cup of coffee thrown in his face for sending you unwanted email.
    18. Come up with a fun way to make exploring your store subtle tiny stick figures on your category pages doing silly things to the website.
    19. Get your online friends to endorse and promote your new venture.
    20. Set up a giveaway. Everyone who tweets your URL and curiosity powered hashtag by a certain date is entered to win.

    BONUS: Put all this planning and research into a single binder (I like hard copy, but electronic is ok too). This binder is your business prototype. Tune your prototype like its an engine. document and cost out (time and money) your processes. Eventually this will help you become profitable and it will let you delegate or outsource exact responsibilities and procedures as your business needs grows.
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