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Seo Optimization Guide + WP plugins

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by t0ms0nn, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. t0ms0nn

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    Dec 3, 2013
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    Hi all,

    I have came up with my own seo optimization list so feel free to use or add, and edit it, it is pretty simple and straight forward covering all the important topics.

    1. Site Optimization
      1. Improve sites? overall speed
        1. Check using Google Page Speed
        2. Check using Yahoo Speed Test
      2. Crawl errors
        1. Check robots.txt
        2. Fix errors using Google Webmaster Tools
      3. Sitemap
        1. Create a new sitemap
        2. Submit to Google Analytical
      4. Tags
        1. Meta tags
          1. Check for length and content of meta tags
          2. Make sure no-duplicate meta tags
        2. Title tags
          1. Short but descriptive title tags
          2. Check for length and accuracy
        3. Heading tags
          1. H1 tags for titles
          2. H2 tags for descriptions
      5. Images
        1. Optimize images
        2. Accurate images names
        3. Accurate images tag
      6. Content
        1. Content and keyword check
      7. Links
        1. Check for broken links
          1. Use 301 redirects, submit broken links to GWT
          2. Check for bad links, aka. Negative SEO
          3. Use Google Disavow tool if necessary
      8. Mobile
        1. Is the site mobile friendly?
      9. Social Media
        1. Social media widgets on site are working
        2. Share buttons are easily found

      10. Local
        1. Create Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Google Maps
          1. Names and addresses have to be the same
        2. Other local listening?s such as Yelp, Craig?s-List, etc.

    Also, if you are on WordPress I recommend using these plugins.

    W3 Total Cache - for caching and setting up http headers
    WP minify - combines css and java script ( it will improve your Google's Page Speed )
    WP smush it - resize and optimize images
    Lazdy Load - load images as soon as a users scrolls down ( improve speed )
    Google XML Sitemaps - create a sitemap for Google
    Better WP Security - excellent plugin for security
    Google Analytical Dashboard - have your GA in the dashboard of WP
    All-in-SEO - seo plugin
    Yoast - seo plugin

    Any other suggestions are welcome :)

    Thanks :)
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