SEO Newbie needs lots of help! (Long post.)

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    Hey guys, I'm new to Internet Marketing. I've also been a "long time" lurker here on BHW. (1-2weeks average 2hr/day)
    I'm loving this community because you guys really give solid advice. I wish I could give some value before asking for help but I really think I'm not in the position to do so.

    Anyway, for the past 2 days, I've been consuming every-f'n-thing I can to learn SEO from scratch. I didn't even know off-site SEO is about backlinks when I started. :p

    I spend like 8 hours+ a day just reading, going through video courses, learning about how SEO works, and all the tools and websites. I realized many people just tell you how to execute blahblahblah SEO strategy, but they don't really explain why it works. Consuming tons and tons of info is really mentally exhausting, especially when there are many contradicting ideas. Also, a huge downside in my learning experience is I'm on a really tight budget, so experimenting isn't really an option for me. I'm actually rather confused with many things right now, so I hope you guys can provide some clarification :D

    1) Pinging links, Creating RSS feeds from links, Submitting RSS feeds to various RSS sites, Drip Feed: what's the difference and how does each help your site do better? I'm kinda confused because I've never used RSS before.

    2) Social Bookmarking. I've never really spent time on Social Bookmarking except for Stumbleupon (does that count?). How does it help your website? Do different social bookmarking accounts on same SB sites have different authority levels? And you can create RSS feeds from your social bookmarks? :confused:

    3) Videos. Because of my tight budget, I was looking into ranking videos for low competition. I've browsed several posts here on BHW, saying that on-page SEO is sufficient for videos, otherwise blast em' with xrumer/scrapebox. Well I tested 3 sample videos with gigs on Fiverr.

    Video 1: 250 .edu/.gov
    Video 2: 1.1K contextual wiki backlinks
    Video 3: 20K scrapebox

    Video 2 ranked higher despite it having higher competition than Video 1/3. So I have 2 different answers on ranking a video for low competition.. What do you guys recommend? I do not know if my links are crawled by Google though. I did bulkping on 20K scrapebox links.

    4) New site SEO.
    Link pyramids/wheels, or more high quality contextual backlinks? Some even say build authority links/press releases to start with. I'm really confused.

    So there you have it.. all my questions.
    I'd really appreciate it if you guys would take some time out to answer my questions. Thanks in advance :D

    ps: could anyone kindly leave their Skype/any instant messenger to let me bug you with questions? I promise I'll use Google first!

    OK I found something you guys might like: watch?v=6SQ79cgdUzs (i can't post links, at least I'm giving a little :p)
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