SEO New Technique in 2019


Oct 8, 2018
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Hi Guys,

Please let me know, what are the new technique we can implement in SEO for 2019.
Hi Guys,

Please let me know, what are the new technique we can implement in SEO for 2019.

See what works for others in this forum.
Keep an eye for news about the latest Google updates posted by other members on this forum. Usually Google will release new updates the next year, like in March or so.
Keep reading this forum, and you'll find out.
Hi MisterF,

This is my client and am working for my client more than 2 years and also we implemented more ON Page and OFF Page activities.

And usually clients want us to give more suggestions. So please let me know if you know any new technique.
Lol, this is really vague. Without telling us what you've been doing, how do you expect us to help out?
It's the same as ever. Good content, good user experience, good onpage, and links.
You want spoonfeeding AND a time machine? :eek:

The irony is that this thread will now rank well for "seo technique 2019"...
Be Mobile-Ready for Mobile-First Indexing
Back on March 26, 2018, Google announced they were rolling out mobile-first indexing on their Webmaster Central Blog. The following are also a new technique for improving SEO
Featured Snippets Rankings Will Go Up in Value, Create the Highest-Quality Content, Keep Voice Search on Your Radar
:D I think the best technique is the same from 2018: Create content that keep people on your website
I thought this is an explanation not question lol
According to the latest trends, I'd say webmasters in 2019 will be increasing E-A-T of their sites, trying to optimize for voice search, optimizing their sites for mobile, and finally recognizing video/audio content as a great part of SEO (at least I hope so).
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