SEO Lab: Tag Ranking - Report Source (Java) and Historic Data

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    I promised to extract and share the source code used in making my Tag reports.

    This will make sense if you've been following these threads:

    June 2010 Tag Rankings

    SEO Lab: Tag Ranking - HTML source for test cases

    The source is in Java... I'm hoping some kind soul has the bandwidth to convert it into PHP and repackage it with the html test cases.

    The other bad news is I haven't had time to update it for the new test cases so it will need to be tweaked so at least the code numbers match the appropriate tests.

    I have also included the historic data from my past posts for testing or other purposes.

    I just wanted to make good on my promise quickly. If no one can convert it to PHP then I will attempt to do so in the future when time permits. I just don't know when that will be at the moment.

    If you install Java...

    compile on the command line with

    to run against data files
    java decodeTags -h -c [FILENAME]
    this makes the report for a single file (no diff reporting)
    java decodeTags -h -c -d [OLD_FILE] [NEW_FILE] 
    this makes a diff report showing the changes over time
    On *NIX or Macs the following will redirect output into a file.
    java decodeTags -h -c -d [OLD_FILE] [NEW_FILE] > [OUTPUT_FILE]
    The code isn't rocket science... loops, collections, conditionals, and print statements. Knowing Java isn't a requirement to port it to PHP... A basic understanding of programming will more than suffice.

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