Seo Keyword Cannibalism??

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by FauxTrain, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Hi, so my new site that i've been working on is centered around music, and within it, I have sub genres. It's a site like

    My question is will my pages be competing with each other if the content is focused around similar pages?

    for example, my site is about alternative music, and I upload five posts, with the keyword focusing on Alternative.

    I was informed this would cause low ranking?

    What should I do? Should i not worry about keywords with a site like this?
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    If you are competing for the same keywords on two different sites, yes, your pages will compete with each other in search. You should optimize each page of your site around a single keyword and its variants. For instance if you are optimizing one page for alternative you could also use alternative music, alternative songs, alternative bands, etc.

    If you need to have another page with similar content, just don't optimize that page as much for the same keyword. Obviously you need to use the word on the page however you can omit other aspects of on-page optimization so that your other page will rank higher in search for that specific term.

    Here are some best practices for on-page optimization,

    Hope that helps,