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    I have a pretty good methods for conversions but I really fail at SEO.

    My method gives me around 6 cent for every unique visitor froom youtube, probably more froom google visitors.

    Ok I know how to do onpage and offpage SEO so please dont contact me saying "You have to have the keywords in h1 tags and build backlinks".

    What I am looking for is a guy who have a SEO method that he know works, like how many profile links I should build a day....
    I am prepared to work and wait for results.

    This is what market samurai says for one of my keywords (All keywords look like this):


    The sites on top ten have between 3-35 backlinks, but the backlinks are pretty targeted.

    But I can give you almost anything in return:

    I can work for you

    I can set up a site owning a keyword like this for you and give you a account somewhere which will get money every day (froom the site).

    I can pay too if youre just interessed in money.

    We will ofcourse discuss on what you want in return. But as you just give me a tight basic plan on how to rank dont expect I will give you XXXX$ in return