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    Just wanted to throw my two-cents out there... no matter what you do, STEER CLEAR of ... there hosting sucks, is overpriced, they have horrible support and just screwed me out of $600.00.

    We used them for some seo hosting not too long ago and everything was semi-decent (and by decent i mean only 1-2 support tickets a day) until we decided to purchase more IP's from them and expand our hosting. The person that i talked to didn't quite understand that we were upgrading our current package, so after i explained to him that the price he was quoting me was wrong since we already had a hosting package i then had to do the math to tell him what the correct amount should be that they were going to charge us... needless to say they still misquoted the price on the invoice and had to issue a partial refund through paypal.

    Right away i noticed how slow the speed was and they assured me that it would be taken care of immediately after their "maintenance" was over. Turns out there wasn't any maintenance and that was their default answer whenever they have an unhappy customer.

    To make a long story short we ended up canceling our hosting package within the 7 days that was given to us as a "grace period" and taking our business elsewhere. We were assured we would be given a pro-rated refund for the amount of time we didn't utilize their services... well after we cancelled i was informed they would be giving us no refund, and that they DO NOT refund their clients...

    i just got my notice from paypal that my claim was, of course, denied and they had to side with just avoid these guys like the plague, what a pain in the ass

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    This is an untrue claim. We are fully aware of this user and to start off this story he was indeed a member. He had a decent amount of ips for few month and then decided to upgrade. He was upgraded, everything was settled, then few weeks later he opened a ticket demanding a refund and also complained about our service. The fact here is that he was praising our service before and nothing extreme happened at all. It is very obvious this conflict and even this threat is about our pricing and we will not be changing our price because he might have found some cheaper less reliable or not even close to us provider.

    At the end user will see that he will get what he paid for and we are confident he will be back.

    Adding to that this post is very unfair from his side at all.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Dubbletoke: Thanks for this warning. You saved me some bad times :)