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    Hi BHW,

    Im not sure if i am asking this questions in right section but here i go.

    Im currenty making few xxx$ a month trough youtube and other tactics and recently i decided to get in to SEO.
    So i was learning it for a week and i think im ready to start my first SEO campaign.

    Ive found a KW with 300k searches a month and i think a competition for that keyword isnt big, its about specific free program download.
    So the #1 ranked site for that KW in google have this stats site dir.jpg
    But thats just subdomain that is ranked for that keyword.

    And the main is about free software downloads , stats: main.jpg

    So the homepage is ranked very well and has PR 4.

    Now i have few questions that i would like to get answers:
    1.How dificult would be to rank for that keyword.
    2.Should I build free download site for homepage and then build the directory subdomain for that kw or should i go for domain for that keyword something like software (its name) download free in the domain name.
    What will bring me better results ?
    3.What kind of budget would be needed to rank for that KW as #1 (just your predictions i know its imposible to know this exactly)

    I can give more info if its needed.
    Any suggestions and questions about this are welcome.
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    Can you tell how many results you get if you google > inurl:"YourKeyword"
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