seo help needed or updated info cheers.

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    Hi there all ,

    I have been doing seo for many years and since last September the big google change,
    i am know lost.

    my old ways for tags must be present

    before September 2014..

    meta tag discretion,keyword must be present.
    use the <h1> to <h6>.
    . dot
    .bullet points
    (c)copy write.
    <body> content with keyword
    image names as main keyword.
    all files/folders must be with the main keyword.

    what the new way to add or not to add from above........

    Do we continue html scripting as 4.0 the old days, and just add back links for seo
    and use blogs and images and post videos to you tube with a link to the website then create social accounts with your main key word in mind.

    can we use a new domain name? or do we need to buy an old one?

    are meta tags used anymore?
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