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SEO for YouTube

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by MNICMB, Oct 28, 2014.


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    Oct 27, 2014
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    Putting video onto YouTube is very simple to do; getting people to watch the video can be a little tricky.

    You could help yourself my making your video easier to find through Google or YouTube search, here are some of the techniques you could try to get your video to the top of the rankings.

    Remember that YouTube is the second most popular search engine and is owned by Google and they want to ensure that the right videos are shown in results for the right queries.

    Video Title

    When YouTube first started, the best way to get your video on top of the search results was to stuff your keywords into the Title and Description; things aren't as easy as that anymore, Google takes every effort to ensure that their YouTube search results are as good as their primary search engine results.

    The video title is where it all starts - you need to ensure that you have a good, clear Title that has your keywords in it.


    Again, in plain English describe your video using your keywords.

    If you typed out a script to follow then cut and paste that in here too.

    Many site also benefit from having the URL of their website right at the top of the Description ? try it out, every single benefit needs to be exploited.

    Video Name

    Use your keywords actually within the name of the video before you upload it; lots of video production software create default filenames, these tend to be just a alpha/numeric combination and not very informative to Google about what the video is about ? change your video filename to something a little more descriptive!

    The viewer of the video will never see this filename, but it does appear that at the moment you upload it to YouTube and it could give you a small relevancy credit.

    Engaging Content

    YouTube should be seen as any other website, and in that case CONTENT becomes the most important part.

    Like any other website, Google gives credit when someone watchers your video, the more of it they watch the more credit they will give you - the basic principle is that if they watch it all then it must be good, so keep your videos entertaining and engaging.

    Closed Caption

    YouTube provides a Closed Caption (or Subtitle) functionality, as a default it uses voice recognition software to determine what is been said and converts it to text, so when a viewer wants to watch a video with Closed Captions the automated text shows.

    Unfortunately it isn't 100% accurate (I've actually never known it more than 50% accurate!).

    As Google can't understand the actual content of the video you have made, it uses this Closed Caption information to get an understanding of what the content is about ? if it doesn't do a good job on recognising the spoken word then you don?t stand much of a chance of getting credit for the content.

    Luckily YouTube provides the ability to amend the Close Caption text ? looks for the ?CC? button in the bottom right hand corner of your video when you are logged in.

    From here you can go through all your scenes correcting the text ? remembering to add your keywords of course.
    This is probably one of the most important factors and YouTube will always rank better a video that has proper CC than one that hasn't.

    Authoritative YouTube Channel

    As I mentioned earlier, YouTube is just a like any other website, and like any other website your fresh new channel will not have any authority when you first start out, so Google will need to know about it and you will need links to it.

    Ensure that you provide a link to your video or YouTube channel from your website or other social media account. Also to build authority of your YouTube account you need to undertake a link building campaign just like you probably do for your website.

    Social Triggers

    Google will take some social engagement triggers to help decide how liked your videos are, if viewers like them, they will Favorite them, Like them and Subscribe to your channel.

    The more of these activities that take place, the more respect you?ll get from Google/YouTube and the better your ranking.

    If you struggle to get these Social Triggers then drop me an email letting me know what you want to achieve and I can provide a quick quote to get you YouTube Favorites, Likes and Subscribes.

    Hope you found this small article insightful, a small comment will always cheer me up :)
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    nice post, i hope it is not copied from somewhere.
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    Great job dude,.its simply superb.:)
  4. gorankmedia

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    Ranking a youtube video must involve -

    - video optimization that includes correct keywords in title, description and metatags of a video

    - most importantly, more the number of video views, good rank it draw out

    - some other factors are comments(that obviously rises with number of views), number of shares, age of a video and inbound links.
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    i think a lot of video embeds also make some improvements..