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    I created this post mainly for two reasons

    1. To help out all the noobs on BHW understand SEO better
    2. Solidify and Write down everything i know about SEO for better understanding

    Please do not post saying there are already SEO tutorials i know this, i mostly made this for reason #2.

    If anything on this post is inaccurate or if anything is missing PLEASE tell me so i can add it, i don't care how small it is.


    • Off-Page SEO
      • BackLinks
        • Social Bookmarking
          • Sharing your content on sites like These can help with traffic but NEVER pay for someone to create these for you. Doing so will hurt your ranking and be blatant obvious spam to Google.
        • Social Media
          • Almost always nofollow links; they do not help your ranking. They can help drive traffic.
        • No Follow vs. Do Follow links
          • Nofollow links tell Google that the link is basically worth nothing ; Do follow links give you good "Link Juice" assuming it is from a quality source.
        • Private Blog Networks
          • Basically a network of blogs that either link to another tier of blogs or to your "money site". Make sure these are high quality and they will be great for your ranking. You can outsource these but be 100% positive that the seller will do a quality job before hand.
        • Guest Blogging
          • Writing a Post on Someone else's blog and in return they let you leave a link and a short summary of you and your site.
        • Forum Signature(NOT RECOMMENDED)
          • [I]Joining a Forum and adding your link to the Signature to increase ranking. Google can penalize you for this.[/I]
        • Blog Directories(NOT RECOMMENDED)
          • [I]A blog directory is basically a large list of blogs. Don't waste your time with these.[/I]
        • Comment Link(NOT RECOMMENDED)
          • Commenting on another website and leaving a link. This is usually spammy and can sometimes hurt your ranking.
        • Link Exchange Schemes(Be Cautious!)
          • When you find a website similar to yours and both site owners agree to post the other's link on their site. This is a good way to get backlinks but make sure their website is high quality or it can be a bad backlink and hurt your ranking.

    • On-Page SEO
      • Keyword Density
        • I will not go into keyword research here, but keyword density is important. You want keyword density to be between 0.7% and 2%. Once approximately every 100 words seems to work well. Make keywords bold or strong so Google knows it's important.
      • External Links
        • Link to other high quality websites and Google will thank you. Make the anchor text a keyword.
      • Mobile Friendly/Ease of Use
        • Every day another 10-year-old kid gets a smartphone; we want him to click our Minecraft advertisement... Make your website Mobile friendly.
        • You also need to make sure your navigation is easy and simple for both the user and Google's little crawlers.
      • Sharing
        • Make sure that people can easily share your content. This will increase traffic and authority.
      • Site Structure
        • When Google sends its little spiders to crawl around your site you want to make it easy and simple for them to do so. Every page should link to ever other page in a simple manner. Google will appreciate this and increase your ranking.
      • Tags
        • Meta tags, alt tags, h2 tags and title tags are essential, Google uses these to know what your website is about. Think of each element of your website as a dog and Google is the dog master. Google reads the "dog's" "name tag's" to understand what they are. Stuff these tags with your keywords.
      • Content
        • "Content is King" You need content that is readable, high quality, and engaging. If your content is hard to read or if it sucks ass your rankings will decrease. If you have amazing content that people stay around to read conversions will increase, and if they share the content traffic will increase also!
        • You should add an Image or Video to every one of your posts.
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    thnx for that article man, nice work !
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    If it's mostly for point no.2 why didn't you use your personal blog. Legit share for point 1. Could be the first thing newbies read on here.
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    thanks for the post buddy
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    First of all, I'd like to congratulate the poster for taking the time to pay attention to what he or she is doing.

    Also, I thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    With that said, I'd like to say my piece regarding private blog networks.

    You see a lot of people think that private blog networks can only be defined in one way.

    They think that the only type of PBNs worth building is the type of PBNs found in this forum.

    Well, I'm happy to report that there are many other ways of going about doing this.

    Some pay a higher amount of attention to quality.

    Others try to play a volume game.

    You have to be very careful regarding how you set up your PBN.

    Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty shock when Google starts implementing penalties that incorporate certain elements normally associated with PBNs.

    At that point in time, you really can't consider yourself caught by surprise.

    I'd start thinking of other strategies.
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    I guess this can be somewhat of a help to noobs, good job.