SEO for Mobile Sites ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by scottx1995, May 29, 2011.

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    Sur le Web !
    Hey Guys,
    was wondering if SEO for Mobile sites is any different ? does anyone here have any experience doing the same ? and share some light on it ;-)

    I searched this forum couldn find the right info

    I go to google dot com slash m
    but was wondering if there was a way to optimize the mobile site alone ..?

    What about a business that has just a mobile site or when the business has both mobile and regular website?

    how does link building work for the mobile site?

    P.S too many random questions but if you get the point = SEO FOR MOBILE SITES is the theme =P apologize for my randomness.
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    There would be no difference in SEOing a mobile site. Title, meta, and desc tags are still important, along with content and backlinks.

    Only difference with a mobile site is the CSS is arranged differently to allow for a smaller screen to view the content and site structure.
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    May 11, 2010
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    Mobile SEO and regular SEO are similar. Bryson Muenier is the SEO expert.
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    May 1, 2011
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    If there is no difference in SEO for mobile sites, has the new updates(2 P's) effected the mobile sites also?
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    To be honest I can't understand the relevance of the mobi TLD anyomore!
    Surely the easiest way to get get a mobile site in from of the consumer is to carry on as before promoting your main site but using a snippet of code in the header which interrogates the user agent and screen size and then serves up the site best suited to the screen?
    Simply drop a mobile site into a folder on your hosting insert the code and you get the best of both worlds without having to build links and or other work on a separate mobi!!

    Plenty of advice amongst these pages on how to achieve this!!
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    Both are same way for promotion in Seo for site and mobile site, I think mobile site main requirement is site should be support all mobile and open quickly, in SEO point of view meta data is always important for searching and for traffic content always king.
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    Yeah geezer has it right. You shouldn't think of a mobile site as a separate entity from the desktop site. I have mobile sites that I host for clients that aren't connected to their desktop site in any way other than a bit of code the redirects mobile users from the clients desktop site to the mobile version I host. In that case SEO isn't necessary for the mobile site at all (on page or off) because it is the desktop site that gets and redirects the traffic.

    If the client only has a mobile site (which I think would be the exception more than the norm) you would perform SEO as usual as stated above by multiple people.
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    Hi All

    I been working in mobile space for last 5 years for a gaming company. The reality is there is nothing super special to do regarding SEO for mobile and what we have seen is a convergence over the last 2 years in terms of the web, what I mean by this is as smartphones have become the standard, they have full browser capabilities so the only thing you need to be doing is catering for the smaller screen size. You need to focus your energies on user experience and making your "mobile" version easy to use on a small screen such as big buttons (humans have big fingers) etc. Things like .mobi tld are not necessary and carry no bearing. I would however suggest using Webmaster tools and checking that googlebot-mobile can crawl your site so that you do get also indexed into the mobile search. In terms of building a site, I previously focused on having separate sub-domain and redirecting based on user agent, but what is slowly becoming the standard and just makes it simpler in terms of a single domain, less maintenance etc is using HTML5 with CSS3. In essence an adaptive layout site or a responsive site. These sites simply reposition and resize based on the devices screen size. The main issue with user-agents is trying to keep up with new phones etc and not just phones but tablets as well. In a nutshell I would go for a responsive layout, single domain and keep doing what you do in terms of your regular SEO efforts. Just a side note, depending on what your site is about it may be relevant to include keywords such as "Android widgets" or "iPhone-widgets" or "mobile widgets". Use the Google keyword tool and see the results for desktop and for mobile, its interesting to see that sometimes certain keywords combined with these "mobile" terms are big traffic generators. I hope this helps.