SEO, Digital Marketing and university studies

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    Hi guys, im nearly at the end of my first university year of computer engineering... But it didnt go well.
    The main reason is that im not appasionate to it and the only reason i keep studying this, is because it can provide a really well paid job at the end.

    I started doing IM in the last december and i hit my first goal making 300+€/month. I am planning to start studying SEO to keep growing and reach a decent amount of money.

    Someone of you is doing or did SEO while studying in university?
    Which course are you following and what goal did you achieve with SEO and IM in general while studying or post bachelor?

    Keep in mind that i live in Italy and the university system can be different from your country, i have a strong base knowledge in computer science too.
    What course fits well with Internet Marketing and SEO?
    (I have found Digital Marketing which is a Master after 3+2 years of Marketing, Communications and Global Markets)

    Thank you for any reply, you will help me so much and sorry for my bad english and WoT