SEO Dedicated Cloud KVM VPS.. whos using one??? READ THIS

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by frederickpc, Jun 10, 2012.

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    What is your favorite cloud vps hosting service that has really good prices? and what ones have you tried and didn't like. so far i tried go daddy it was ok but i wanted to try a different server.
    The past 3 months ive been using with a promo code from retailmenot it ends up only being 10$ a month and ive had no issues.. only bad thing is its a single core processor at 2.39 GHz and my
    Resource monitor always says cpu is 100% in use... and my 1gb of ram is usually 50-60% in use. i optimized windows to take away all of the fancy themes etc.. Windows 7 pro 64bit

    The Standard Package with windows 7 installed and running RealVnc to log in to it. i use it for Proxy goblin/Nohandsseo/ youlikehitsbot and few other seo programs.. problem is my nohandsseo database is growing and something else is to because they give me 19.6GB Storage and somehow after 3 months of use
    im down to 200mb FREE space left.. not sure what is using all the space/
    What is the best way to find the largest files on the hard drive so i can narrow down what is hogging up all my space. ive ran ccleaner and jetcleaner and i browsed around but im not sure what is taking up so much space...

    Anyone else have any input on that issue also what VPS cloud hosting servers is your favorite?? that was the main question of the thread but if anyone on here is smart enough to help with my space hogging issue they will Receive Thanks!!! ;)
    Looking Forward to peoples replies.