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SEO cutts 2014 explained in my way

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by IamBlackhatter, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. IamBlackhatter

    IamBlackhatter Elite Member

    Feb 26, 2011
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    Software Developer
    New year new beginning but still the same with SEO ?Few things which I noticed that should be taken care of when doing SEO.This strategy is not just for 2014 but it would be the same in 2041 too,reason why is google SEO will be the same for ever it?s we who should adapt to their search engines bcause they are the real game changers not we.Things I am about to explain are well known to all but still an awareness is not wrong.

    First lets see about spam and how it affects your SEO

    According to google spam is no tolerance.Things which looks real spammy are explained below

    Tons of ******** comments
    forum signatures
    Unwanted guest blogging
    Low quality spinned contents
    Paid links on sidebars or footers
    Keyword stuffing
    Unknown linking
    Unwanted redirects or scripts that annoys users
    Poor site structure
    No proper interlinking
    Link exchange
    Poor onpage SEO
    Unwanted ads
    If we feel that we never rank then any of the above listed
    May be the major reasons,there are still many reasons for not ranking properly.Tons of blog posts and video tutorials all over the web to explain spam factors,now it is time to change and its upto you.

    How to improve rankings explained

    So consider authority as your ranking factor the more authority your site is the more it is to rank in search engines like google.Moz calculation of PA/DA is based on factors like authority of sites that are linking to your website.So it doesn?t means go blast and bring all spam links in a go. Most importantly your contents must please users to read again and bookmark your website for future.

    Quality and quantity of links and links lost

    Quality : Ask yourself the following questions before linking from a website to your?s

    Will link on this website will help users find answers in my website ?

    Am I using the correct anchor texts to a link ?

    Is the site I am building link will benefit me ?

    Did I consider the authority of the websites before I am linking to my website ?

    How does my link looks a spammy one or real ?

    Am I using good contents to link to my website ?

    Quantity of links

    Quantity never matches quality and there is no use of building bulk links in a day.If anyone is of this case just ask yourself the following
    So how many links will be lost and how am I going to suffer ?

    Lost backlinks

    Ahrefs is a good resource which shows you the lost backlinks in a graph manner.On the day of rise in backlinks you may rank high but when the backlinks starts losing your rankings will tumble down and you could never find yourself in top pages unless you regret for your mistakes.

    ?Links are to be sticked so for you to stick with rankings?

    Fire your SEO agency and content writer

    If you are using any SEO agency that still offers links in quantity and not quality or who offers any sort of guarantee to play with your valuable money kick ?em off start doing SEO yourself for better.
    When it comes to content writers make sure you test their ability by their writing skills.Because many of them are not real they just pretend to be real in this real world with poor or almost no knowledge of writing.
    Another thing to make clear high standard article for money sites and low or medium quality contents for SEO is not a right practice.Article is one make it standard for both website and SEO.

    Diversified backlinks profile

    Always diversify your link profile don?t just stick with one kind of links alone to the best you can post in web2.0?s ,article directories,Make some real high value guest blogs,Make quality blog posts related to your niche,real value social bookmarks.

    Mistakes that most of us make
    Hiring more than one SEO agency at the same time and getting yourself in trouble without knowing who caused it actually.If you are with SEO agency A then stick with them and see the results and if it doesn?t work and you are penalized then don?t just jump to the other.Analyze all your links remove the odd or spammy one?s submit a reconsideration request and then look for a new agency with good profile.

    Now a few questions to be clear off,

    How to buy a service that offers linkbuilding ?

    If you have read from the top then there is answer in it :D

    Where do I find methods to build links ?

    Obviously I have just laid out few valid points but if you use the search button on the left there are tons of threads discussed and having answers in them.I will also soon post a method that I am working on.

    How much can I invest in SEO ?

    For best results pay for the service that offers you the best

    Sorry if I have mistakes in my writing :p

    Your thoughts are welcome :)
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  2. ComRade667

    ComRade667 Regular Member

    Nov 4, 2013
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    lengthy post, give me a time to thank..:) just reading
  3. ComRade667

    ComRade667 Regular Member

    Nov 4, 2013
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    i see many people still making this mistake, may your post will help..:)

    Thanks for spending your time in sharing these valuable info..:)
  4. Debugger

    Debugger Junior Member

    Aug 16, 2009
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    Helpful resource..Just launched few new blogs .. :) Thank you..
  5. SEOnetic

    SEOnetic Senior Member

    May 21, 2012
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    Very use full guidlines.Thanks.
  6. sunipun786

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    Dec 17, 2013
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    I am completely agreed.Great stuffs thanks.