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    Using MS's SEO Competition, I get these results.


    What will it take to get to #1? Do I just need more page backlinks, or should I work heavily on getting the main domain and other subpages more backlinks so my BLD can compare.

    Also, since all of these sites have good domain age should I be worried about not being able to beat them because of that? The sites all have low pr so I feel like I should easily be able to overtake the number 1 spot.

    Also, how much does the Educational backlink that I have help vs my competition? Right now, the site directly above mine is ehow and we've swapped position quite a few times over the last 2 weeks.

    Most of these sites are in the 2 big directories. Should I pay to get my domain on yahoo's directory?

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    First thing...relax. You seem to have 80 things going on at one time.

    The age of your domain doesn't matter in your case...period.

    The page rank is to deal with SE authority ranking and does have a light impact on your SEO but not this early in the game, where you appear to be at.

    As for the .edu backlinks, they can but, as with any backlink, worry about ' their ' page rank, content and keyword relevance to your site and position, to see how they will impact your site's position by being associated with them.

    If you want to waste your money and buy a directory listing, go ahead, if it makes you feel any better about doing it. It DOESN'T effect who beats who in the ranks, as over time, anyone with a brand new site can come on and load their site with way more backlinks and content then you and take you right out of the top page...leaving you with your purchased directory slot and less the money for the effort.

    It is all about posting keyword relevant content on your page and practical SEO. Get to work.
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