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[SEO Case] Promotion without a single reference

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Spysocks, Oct 25, 2016.

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    May 5, 2016
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    At the beginning of 2014 our site consisted of a dozen landing pages with high conversion, which sold the agency services. On our site there was nothing.

    At that time, there was a task to promote the site in Google search so that the search engine optimization does not affected Landing pages and did not spoil them conversion. The first problem was that it was necessary to promote the landing page of services for the needs of the target (but do not forget about the conversion). The second problem was that for the promotion upon request we were not going to buy external links.

    Request, the target audience, competitors, blog

    First we need to understand the scale of the problem, namely:
    • collect and structure all possible key requests on key topics of the site;
    • to analyze the target audience;
    • to evaluate the competition.

    Requests were divided into commercial and non-commercial (informational). Commercial requests settled on the landing pages, information requests demanded separate accommodation.

    Thus was born our Blog.

    The editorial plan and specialists

    Initially Blog put before us not the most difficult task:
    1. To determine the direction of the blog
    2. To create a quality content
    3. To keep pace in one article per day

    One of the most important steps, without which we could not get good results, has been the approach to the creation of content. From the beginning, we realized that creating quality content should be those who are professionally versed in the subject - the specialists of our agency. All. Without exception.

    In order to "force" the expert break away from work and start writing, it is necessary to create conditions that motivate him to self-development, competition with other professionals , interact with their audience. One of the conditions without which it is impossible to develop an information resource as well as to deliver on the flow the production of quality content - detailed editorial plan.

    When all conditions have been created and approved by the editorial plan, we found that 80% of our professionals are able to create high-quality materials, which are highly valued by both search engines and visitors.

    With every new blog post we received more traffic and Landing pages were taking more prominent position.

    Content marketing

    Creating quality content, we can not afford to waste valuable materials without obtaining from them the maximum result. Formatting materials for specific groups, broadening the range of materials in the blog up to video tutorials, social networking accounts, creation of strategy E-mail marketing, and much more, has enabled us to obtain not just a tool search engine optimization, but something much more meaningful and effective.

    Thanks to the blog, its content and well thought-out development strategy, we were able to give our customers, subscribers, students or simple readers what they are looking for. In response, we received feedback from visitors, which provided us:

    • high positions in Google;
    • extensive coverage of requests;
    • resistance to changes in search algorithms;
    • speed of getting new pages of site in Google search for 10-20 minutes;
    • high conversion of both commercial and non-commercial purposes;
    • recognition and trust;
    • regular audience;
    • steady growth in traffic;
    • subscribers;
    • students;
    • clients;
    • and much more…

    Statistics of transitions from traffic sources (search, direct calls, email, social transitions) February 2014 - November 2015

    Finally some more statistics:

    Comparison Top SEO-agency traffic on alexa.com
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