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    I have read many posts about the waste of money that people spend on having seperate C Class IP addresses, you either believe in it or you do not. I am currently trying it and think it is not a bad thing but not sure how good it is...

    The question I wish to ask, for any of you guys that may know is at what point will google pick up on a network of sites using different class C ip's. I am currently using Leapswitch, they restrict mail from the domain IP address and route all outgoing mail through another ip not related to the domains. if I do a search on

    I see ????.com is a mail server for 45 domains and resolves to the IP address

    Would google not pick up on this?

    Although only a small network I am looking to put another 60 domains on the server and am wondering if anybody knows if the above cause a problem.

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    Search Metrico
    SEO hosting packages come with large amount of risk, so be careful what you choose. If the service gets taken down all your domains would go south.