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Sep 17, 2008
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I'm planning on creating a site with some longtail keywords i have found but i'm slightly worried about the seo implications.

for example only "not my keywords"

the main site would be say and then i would setup some subdomains for other longtails within the niche such as:,,

I know that linking them all together would be bad but, what i was planning to do was to use the site as the directory site and add links to all the subdomains from there but no links from the subdomains back to the main domain.

My question is would i still be able to rank high for the subdomain keywords just like a regular domain or would there be some kind of negative impact for using subs?
no negative impact but building trust in G with sub domains take time unless you have a authority website.
You should never link them together but getting backlinks to subdomains is excellent for seo.
I have been waiting for Google, Yahoo and Bing to index my subdomain blog for almost 2 weeks now. It is 100% white hat and i have submitted the sitemap manually to all 3 search engines. Backlinks pinged etc.

My main domain got indexed in a few days..

But this might aswell be PEBKAC since I'm such a newbie:p
Sorry I am new here but what is wrong with linking them together. Any by that do you mean like using his example:

"View other movie categories here:
- Comedy + link
- Romance + link
- Adult + link
- Action + link

On the side of say your Animation category subdomain?
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