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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pctank, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Hi All

    I have been using senukeX for 1 month now but cannot see any results!

    Sample: I have been doing optimization manually for the last 6 years and it works great BUT TAKES TIME! Manage to post new articles on my site every week and got about 30+ hits a day. Then a friend interduced me to SenukeX which sound great!! i have tried it for 1 month and my hits dropped from 30 to 10 a day!

    My site is 4 years old and im running senukeX twice a week (The Full Monty) and for some reason i m ust doing something wrong! I spend more $$$$$ since i got SenukeX than before which = *&^%*( :(.

    Can somebody help me to select the correct SenukeX Structure when using the wizard!!!

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    You are not seeing any results, as in any backlinks created? What program are you running to detect your backlinks?

    How often are you running the Full Monty and what time frame are you giving it? I would never recommend running the Full Monty right off the bat, unless you are pre-pared to do it for 3-4 months. Quite a lot of sites will take a bump at first, but as long as you constantly create backlinks... it will come back even stronger.

    SenukeX is NOT a program to get if you only want to use it for a month, or two, or even 3. It's an investment... it will take time. The goal is to build consistent backlinks over time.
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    sounds like the google dance , l find using senukex does increase serps but as said before keep a simple campaigne first then build it up
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    I use Senuke X everyday. Just keep creating a steady flow of backlinks and you should be fine. Also since you're using the full monty are you writing your own unique articles