SenukeX template implementation question?

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    This Senukex template and strategy was recently shared in this thread.

    [​IMG]I want to implement this same strategy, but use Magic Submitter instead of SenukeX (MS does not have a wizard so I would need to run each section independently). The question I had was for the 2nd Tier sets (1 on the left and one the right) it shows Web2.0/SocialBookmark/SocialNetworks) pointing back back to the either the Web2.0 Profiles (left side) or Social Networks (right side).

    So if we take the left side only that 1st Tier will have anywhere from 15-20 properties each having a link back to the money url. Now when we move to the 2nd tier and we back link to those 15-20 with the either the Web20, Social Bookmarks, or Social Networks, do we just do 1 run with 1 profile say for the web20 and have each web20 that is created link to one of the 15-20 Web20s in the 1st Tier or do you guys do like 15-20 runs each of the Web2.0s in the 2nd Tier for each of the 15-20 links in the 1st Tier.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is for that 2nd Tier Web20 do we make 15-20 links back to those 15-20 in the Tier 1 or do 15 x 15 Web2.0s in the 2nd Tier so that each one of the 1st tier Web2.0s will have 15-20 links coming to it? The same issue question would be for the social bookmark sites and social networks site?

    Any feedback?