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    Hi, I want to share my success of getting 15/20 articles from one spun articles indexed by google. It requires a lot of effort taking in to make it work. However once you?ve got it to work once, it?s very simple to change the senuke template and make it work for a different article or niche.
    I like doing a good job of things, and a spinning template usually takes me a whole day for me to make up, although I?m sure as I get more out, I?ll get better at it and cut down the time drastically.
    In the spirit of giving back as I got a lot out of the senuke torrent from thevault,
    Basic format of my spun articles (please don?t take this and apply it word for word), I?m going to change my template drastically after publishing this, I suggest you take the below template as a guide only and change the format of your article spins, if everyone does the same style it makes it difficult for everyone else.

    1. Title needs to be heavily spun, at least three different title formats, each title will have almost every word spinnable.

    2. First paragraph needs to be heavily spun, just like the title, it needs to have 2-3 completely different versions and each version needs to have almost every word spun, the paragraph breaks, optional paragraphs and other crazyness in the body text sort of mask the content later on in the page, but the opening few words are sort of difficult to hide so you need to take extra care when spinning this.

    3. Enter first big paragraph. Paragraph text should be no more than 3 lines, use { |<p>|<p>} frequently after every few sentences to give the spinner the option to place paragraph breaks in suitable places. You should use { |<p>} as well, this sort of changes the appearace of the article drastically, and will serve to confuse Google?s dupe content filters.

    4. Use the optionality tag #1#...Text?#/1# on the next paragraph place 1 version as a bullet list, 2 version as unbulleted list for different data , 3 version as paragraph of text ,4 version image embeds within niche (always try to grab popular images which are hotlinked frequently this will hide allowyour articles to hide amongst all the other articles who use the same hotlinked image.. if all your articles use images from the same photobucket account, it becomes obvious)

    5. Same as 2

    6. Insert 4 different spinnable images

    7. Same as 2

    8. Insert 4 versions of body text (see point 4)

    9. Finishing paragraph place extremely highly spinnable content here and if you want create multiple versions of the paragraph and then spin the individual words.

    And now for some general advice which apply throughout your articles

    ?Use #1#<b>#/1# #2#<u>#/2# #3#<i>#/3# #4##/4#..text.. #1#</b>#/1# #2#</u>#/2# #3#</i>#/3# #4##/4# regularly around important words to format them, again you can vary proportions by doing <b>,<b>,<u> (i.e. <b> will take place 66.7%, and <u> appear 33.3%)

    ?Link to images, but spin them well with 6+ versions of each occurance, I like to place them in two paragraphs, first time it?s inside an optionality paragraph (so sometimes an image will appear and other times a bunch of text will appear in it?s place), one the second instance an image will appear no matter what (so make sure it?s extremely well spun with 6+ variations)

    ?Places line breaks well and frequently as mentioned in point 3 above

    ?Vary the overall word count, when you have optionality paragraphs, you should make some super short and others quite long so the overall word count changes, optional adverbs and adjectives are quite good for this too, words like very, extremely, super are filler words which can be kept or removed using {extremely |}

    ?Link to reputable sources like Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, etc, preferably to a URL that is not in direct competition for your niche or niches, (link using a different anchor text than your key words)

    ?Drip articles over time.. post 2-3 articles from one spun aticle per day (if you?re impatient like me, have multiple projects going on at the same time, preferably for different niches).

    These aren?t golden rules, some of them may be unnecessary, but these are my rules and I like playing them this way, having said that I don?t exactly have an extensive experience using this, I?ve done one run and 15/20 appeared on google?s index, I?m also doing a 2nd run and I?ve submitted 10/20 out now, and 3 have already been indexed, I predict more will appear shortly.

    Ofcourse, none of your articles will appear one google?s index unless you place backlinks on them and that?s a whole different ballgame altogether.
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