Senuke Backlinks are NOT Getting Indexed

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dchun17, Dec 23, 2010.

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    May 26, 2010
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    Hey Guys,

    The backlinks that im creating with SeNuke are not getting indexed.

    I've been using senuke for about 8 months now and even the backlinks I've created 8 months ago, they are NOT getting indexed.

    Through out the 8 months, I've learn how to make sure that my content, titles, tags, format, and etc DO NOT look like spam material. Maybe there's others things i should be doing to make my content look unique but I really believe that this is not the only problem.

    There are only a few websites that always seem to getting indexed like wikidot, wetpaint, typepad, and But the rest are not getting indexed at all!
    (I use google and search site:senukebacklinkto check if indexed)

    I've bookmarked, RSS, and Pinged all my results, and it doesnt seem to help. I've also learned that bookmarking and rssing the backlinks repeatedly is not healthy, so I bookmark and rss the results just ONCE after waiting 1 week from the senuke blast date.

    I thought it was a time thing, but I'm certain that it should NOT take 8 months for a backlink to get indexed.

    This goes out to all my fellow SEO'ers, how are you guys doing it?? How do you guys get all your senuke results indexed? (I believe that, only 4 websites getting indexed out of a blast of 20-30 is not good enough)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys
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    drop the links into, host those links on a domain and submit those URLS to rss sites. they get picked up quick like that. after a while take the ones that arent indexed yet and drop them into an splog (if you dont have one already, start one). i get 95% of them indexed this way.
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    Look at Extropy's service maybe that would be helpfull the thread at Black Hat SEO page 2
  4. Extropy

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    RSS feeds alone aren't much help. You'll either need to boost them with a LOT of links or ping at the link level. Keep in mind, though, that weak links don't like to get in the index. That doesn't mean they don't count - it just means they are weak.
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    I wonder what happen to your way of making linkwheel.
    Mine index 2%-4% everyday. It usually takes max 1 and half month to index 90% of my web 2.0 pros.
    Of course i have auto indexing bot but the method is not special.
    May be you should look back from the beginning when you create linkwheel.

    Hope you index all soon!
  6. Talsin

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    Mar 18, 2010
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    You should thank these guys for giving you some solid advice. Pitty you didnt think to ask this question 8 months ago. Most SENuke submissions wont index without help, its always been the way.