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    Hey guys, Im pretty new to the monetizing section of the internet.
    My question is, is SENuke just used to get you a better page rank on google, or can I just create a hoplink from an affiliate site promoting a product, and blast that ****?
    Does it get targeted traffic to your site (or through your hoplink) or does it just get random traffic that will never make a purchase?

    Is there any other software that can be used for hoplinks only?

    *edit - I dont know what the hell Im doing. You probably already know this.

    *edit - It took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to draw lines from a picture that says money site to a picture of something I dont even know what is.

    Im gonna turn this into a journey to SENuke thread. Also, does anyone know if you HAVE to purchase a captcha account?
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