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    Hi everyone! Lately I have been using the services of an email marketing company, sending 200K emails per day to my audience. I had very good results, but unfortunately they became more and more expensive and I also didn't like the fact that I constantly had to share my data and ideas with them. That's why I would like to create my own email sending system, but unfortunately I'm not a technically experienced person, I'm just good in marketing... While working with them, I figured out that they're using multiple domains (50 in total) to send out 4000 mails per day, from each domain (200K in total), plus a regular email sending software (something like SendblasterPRO). Every domain was registered at the same host/provider, but each one had a different IP-address, in a different country. Sometimes they also changed IP-addresses, if necessary. Does anyone have an idea how this works and give me a short explanation, or a link maybe? Thank you very much! Andy