Sending Out Advertising Emails


May 5, 2014
Hello this is my first thread here on Black Hat. Currently i have a bot running that scrapes emails from websites. I have a large .txt document filled with thousands of emails. How can i automatically send emails to the entire list/ what tools do i need? Thanks in advance! :)
You need Interspire Email Marketer + PMTA/Postfix. PM me if you need this setup or skype: bpb_grinda
No first you need to verify them, else your inbox rate will be terrible.
Then you can get get a vps or dedicated server and configure it to send.

If you looking for help with this feel free to get in touch with me.

Edit : unsolicited email is a major offense in some countries.
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Get offshore vps and clean your list with forum interspire free available on forum.
I have solid leads for a niche profitable market but no way to send them as well . Would do JV with anyone if they got the tools to send
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