Sending emails via free email providers.


Mar 23, 2014
Hi BHWer's -

i have found a lot of help on this forum and thought post a topic to get some more help.

I am working on doing an email campaign and want to use gmail, yahoo and other free email providers for sending emails and wanted to get the best possible experience and if there is another way to do it.
Well I'm not sure what you mean by "another way to do it." If you're sending emails, then you'll want to do it from a free email address usually. You can use automated software, but you're likely to get banned relatively quickly anyway.

You could also use something like MailChimp if you have a legitimate list and aren't spamming.

Otherwise, though, you're better off creating multiple free accounts and doing a trickle of emails to appear slightly more natural and less likely to get flagged.
It's not a a legitimate list... so, i can't use mailchimp and I AM SPAMMING (i think).

I think rotating multiple accounts would be the right thing to do.

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