Send backlink on google trust forum webpage.

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    I'am selling some stuff on internet (all business), i have some issu to be ranked in google like everyone, one month is good another is bad.

    But i have one stuff who make me earn money, is forum thread fake review. I have few forum such as yahoo q/a who can rank on keywords niche very nice... So sometime i use it.

    Now i just wondering if i can make SEO on the topic i make who will talk of course about my website? :cool:

    I'am not sure about this idea, but if it's possible, i think the autority website will be easier to rank on medium keywords, and google will have difficulty to put any penality on a trust website no?

    Tell me if i'am wrong somewhere. Because i make some money like this with fake post on webforum, can i boost the visibility of my forum post with SEO?