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Selling Twitter traffic - how?

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by thehounds, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. thehounds

    thehounds Regular Member

    Jun 26, 2015
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    I have an account in a very specific niche. It's not that large of an account, and I think it has perhaps peaked -- I seem to be running out of people to follow. However, it should be a relatively high-dollar niche. (I haven't monetized it yet.) Links tweeted from the account can get a decent number of clicks, so I would think it could be a nice traffic booster for the right client.

    I was thinking about offering to sell traffic or access to the account (maybe via Hootsuite) to websites in the niche. Does anyone have ideas about this?

    I'm wondering how this would be done. Would it be best to offer to:

    -Post their links and charge them a rate per 1,000 visitors sent?
    -Sell them individual posts?
    -Rent them access to the account? (Would this need to be exclusive, or could I still post other stuff -- possibly even paid links for other sites?)
    -Something else?

    Also, any ideas about potential prices?

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. ukonline

    ukonline Regular Member

    Dec 17, 2014
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    Well , i have a plan ! If you can send me over the traffic it would help me get sales ! Just wondering from which country does the traffic come from , US or UK is mostly preferred as i am always looking to buy traffic ! Anyway , please INBOX me and we can discuss about it !
    I just need promotion & will share profits in return !
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  3. Natty

    Natty Regular Member

    Sep 29, 2015
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    United Kingdom
    It really depends on the niche, that will decide which approach you take! If it is in a niche selling a product then it may be worth monetising it yourself with an Amazon Affiliate site, but if it is something which requires more set-up, like perhaps in the "Super Yacht," niche then perhaps it might be worth selling.

    Most people on Twitter try and sell per 1,000 visitors sent, but end up normally doing PPS (Pay Per Sale), as Twitter traffic is notoriously dodgy on conversion rates and spam clicks!

    If you want some help or some more guidance I am more than happy to try and help you out, my Skype is The.Natinator

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