Selling script VS Using script

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    Ok. So I made script for sharing youtube videos (embeding) on my site. Then you share my site pages (your videos) on facebook and you can earn up to 6,51 per 1000 views from adfly (just like photostash - my other project)

    So basically I made this script from scrach - I only used header and footer from my photostash site (dpi image hosting script) but I can change HTML of this.

    my script is here (ATM. I will move it to another server when I finish it)

    I made all pages on site and I made one good stuff.
    This video
    will be display on facebook like this

    So everybody will click on it because it looks like I shared youtube video (has that play button)

    My question is - Should I sell this script? OR Should I use this script...

    If you think it is better for me to sell the script can u suggest me price?